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Build and restart your Go web app with Fresh

Fresh is a command line tool that builds and (re)starts your web application everytime you save a Go file.

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ActiveMusicbrainz - How to use the Musicbrainz database from Ruby

If you need to use Ruby to access the Musicbrainz database you can use ActiveMusicbrainz. ActiveMusicbrainz is a library based on ActiveRecord that automatically creates one model for each Musicbrainz table and defines the main associations between them.

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#ruby #activerecord #musicbrainz

How to deploy Go with Traffic on Heroku

It's really easy to deploy a Go application based on the Traffic web framework on Heroku. Let's start with a simple example.

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musiXmatch API library for NodeJS

I've just published my first NPM package, and it's called musixmatch. With this library you can easily use the musiXmatch API with a few lines of javascript. Install it with NPM:

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#javascript #nodejs

web-app-theme 0.6.1 for rails 3

The new version of web-app-theme finally supports Rails 3. Check out the repository on github. It also supports Haml template generation using html2haml, like devise does.

UPDATE: the version 0.6.2 fixes a bug in the Haml generation when you use form_for blocks.

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